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Virtual Holiday Open Mic Night

We want you keep singing! Submit your performance video for our Virtual Holiday Open Mic Night.

     Thanks to the generosity of the Ciara Arts and Science Foundation, we are thrilled to offer $500 prizes to two lucky SSS alumni who submit!

     While all participants will be eligible for the drawing for the two prizes, the number of entries showcased at the live event may need to be condensed as time allows.


     Please submit a performance of a song ** of your choice ** for our Dec 30th Holiday Open Mic Night on Facebook Live -- submissions due by 12/15/20!

Virtual Performance Recording Instructions:

  • Try to use the newest phone that you have access to for video recording. The newer the phone, the higher quality the camera will be.

  • For your solo, you should play your track / accompaniment out loud as you record -- do not use headphones unless you are able to lay the music over your video before you submit.

1. Set up your camera or phone camera

  • Frame the camera horizontally (landscape)

  • Shoot from the middle of your chest up so we can see your face clearly

  • Look directly into the camera

2. Record yourself performing the song.

  • You may want multiple takes, but please choose only the best take to submit.


3. Upload your video to the corresponding Upload Form below.

  • Upload directly from the phone you used to record. Do not email or text the file to yourself to maintain quality.

    • If recording from a smartphone, the video will save to your camera roll. You should access this page from the web browser on your phone, and upload the video directly from that device.

    • If recording from a camera (not a phone), upload the video to your computer. Access your group’s webpage from your Internet browser and follow the form to upload the file from the location it was imported to. (We would suggest uploading the file and moving it to your desktop for easy upload.)

Video Tips:

  • Put the camera on a steady surface, 2-3 feet away. Please try not to hold it if possible, and try to set it at an angle that is not looking up or down at you.  If you don't have a tripod, consider a bookshelf or other stable surface that is at face height.

  • Find somewhere with good lighting - make sure light is hitting you from the front but avoid standing in front of windows or bright surfaces that reflect light behind you, and avoid downlight that casts shadows on you.

  • Check out the background and make sure you’re comfortable with everything that is on camera

  • Everything should be shot inside


Audio Tips:

  • You might want to sing for a few seconds and then watch the video back to make sure sound levels are good

  • Sing confidently and fully -- we don't want the video to sound like you are afraid the people in the next room will hear you!

** Videos must be submitted by TUES, DEC 15 at 11:59 PM to be included in the project **


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